Our pricing takes into consideration the product chosen, the length and the weight (number of minibuses) of the campaign and, to a lesser extent, the location.

We don't have an 'out of the box' offering - each campaign is tailored to our clients' requirements and as such, we don't have a standard rate card. However, prices are standard across most of the major, key cities in the UK and prices may vary slightly for smaller towns and cities.

To better understand how we structure our pricing, see the below for some of the main variables that must be taken into consideration when costing a campaign:

Campaign length

Naturally, the duration of your campaign is a big factor in the cost. Our clients can run campaigns for just four weeks or for several months at a time. The longer the campaign, the more exposure for your brand.

Campaign weight

This refers to the number of Minibuses showcasing your Minibus Advertising campaign. From single Minibuses to fleets of several hundred, we can accommodate campaigns of all sizes. This is one of the biggest considerations when planning your campaign.

Campaign location

Pricing in major cities across the UK is relatively uniformed, but there may be slight variations for smaller towns and cities.

pr Campaign

We have helped amplify Taxi Advertising campaigns with PR events to help maximise the impact of the whole campaign. From creating photo opportunities to securing coverage in the press, this additional service will factor into the cost of your campaign.

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