STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS - When trading and doing business with Transport CRM Ltd, T/A Minibus Adverts, you will be bound and contracted by the terms and conditions set out below: -


In these conditions "the Company" shall mean Transport CRM Ltd, T/A Minibus Adverts and "the Customer" shall mean the party with whom the Company enters into a contract.


  • These terms apply to all Sale Contracts between the Company and the Customer, and are the only conditions upon which the Company is prepared to deal with the Customer to the exclusion of all other conditions.


  • All quotations by the Company are valid for 30 days from the date thereon.


  • The contract price in the Sale Contract is based on information available to the Company at the date hereof. If between that date and the date on which the goods are delivered to the customer, there shall be any increase in the cost of materials, labour or other costs, the Company shall have the right to increase the contract price.


  • The delivery dates stated in the Quotation/Sale Contract are only approximate and not a condition of the Sale Contract.


  • The Company reserves the right to use the customer's name and/or logos for our advertising display purposes, and no payment shall be made to the Customer.


  • Unless the Company otherwise agrees, full payment is required no later than the payment due date on the invoice, prior to any services being commenced or provided.
  • If payment is not made in accordance with these terms, the Company may refuse delivery of any goods/services required under the Contract until satisfactory payment has been made to the Company. The Company also reserves the right to withdraw any special terms, conditions or discounts that may apply to the current or any future contract.
  • Materials supplied, produced or installed shall remain the property of the Company


  • Contracts/Orders may not be cancelled except by agreement in writing of both parties giving at least 5 working days notice, and upon payment to the Company of all amounts as may be necessary to indemnify the Company against all loss resulting from the said cancellation.
  • Should payment be made to the company for any contracted works prior to completion and in the event of cancellation by the customer, payment would be non refundable. The Company reserve the right to offer a credit note which would be valid for a nominal period.
  • It is a condition of all sales that at any time upon or after the commission by the Customer of an act of bankruptcy or where the Customer is a limited company, the commencement of a winding-up by reason of insolvency or by appointment of a receiver or any assignment for the benefit of creditors, the sale may be cancelled by us wholly or in part.

Force Majeure

  • The Company shall not in any way be liable to the Customer in respect of any loss arising in the event of delivery of the goods being prevented, hindered or delayed as a result of any circumstances outside the control of the Company including (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing), accidents, strikes, lock-outs, trade disputes, acts of restraints of Government or imposition of restrictions on export.


  • The Company must be advised in writing of any disputes or discrepancies within 3-5 days of receipt of goods. Any discrepancies not notified to the Company within this time, whether the fault may be the Company's or the Customer's may incur extra costs to detailing all discrepancies.

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